Precision machined products for the global market

Our Mission

To achieve unsurpassed manufacturing quality by providing intelligent and cost-effective solutions for complicated engineering designs. To accomplish this, we forge global partnerships, acquire the latest innovations and maintain a highly qualified work force.

Our Values

We believe that building good relationships with our clients and understanding their needs are critical to our success. Our ties with vendors and employees are equally important; we know that without them we couldn't satisfy our customers. We encourage all levels of participation, including employees, vendors and clients. The next best idea for improvement invariably comes from one of these three VIPs.

Environmental Policy

TSM strives to minimize the adverse impacts of its operations on the environment in a manner that is effective and economical. We further hold ourselves and our supply partners to meeting all applicable environmental laws and regulations. To achieve these goals, TSM is committed to preventing pollution, waste, and complying with the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standards.

Sustainability Policy

TSM will consistently pursue and implement business practices that ensure long-term, ongoing success. We will continue to operate with social responsibility and ethics at the forefront of our decisions and interactions. TSM respects the laws that govern us, supports universal human rights, operates with awareness of the environment, and positively benefits our local communities.